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23. Nerd. Most likely bored.
doctorjamwatson said: 6, 9, and 40!

6. (one of) Your favorite posession(s).

This is Hugh, my brother’s girlfriend made him for me


9. The shirt you’re wearing.

It’s boring and comfy and bleach-stained. 

40. Something weird that you own. 

A wind-up bunny toy my mom gave me this last Easter. It’s name is Gigi.

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Things You Can Do For Ferguson:


  • Donate money to have those arrested in Ferguson released on bail. These people belong on the streets, especially at a time like this.
  • Send a note of condolence to the family of Michael Brown. Let’s not forget the tragedy that started this.
  • Donate to the Michael Brown Memorial Fund. This is an official fundraiser run by the Brown family’s lawyers. They are going through so much, lets make sure at the very least it isn’t a financial burden.
  • Help get people on the ground. There are activists and reporters who want to do their part and get to Ferguson. Donate and get them there. I am so far aware of Zellie Imani, Zak Jemmott, and JR Valrey (a reporter for SF Bay View).
  • Donate to the Ferguson Youth Initiative.The children of this community deserve better than to be gunned down. Make sure they get that in the future.
  • Feed the children of Ferguson. Many children in America rely on school to get their meals and thanks to the civil unrest caused by the police, the children of Ferguson have been without school since Monday. These people want to make sure that doesn’t mean anyone is going hungry.
  • Find a National Moment of Silence in your area. If one doesn’t exist, start one. Share this experience with others. Solidarity is important.
  • Keep awareness up. Not just among the like-minded people on tumblr, this is something everyone needs to be aware of.
  • Spread accurate information. There is a lot of distortion going on here and spreading every piece of information as it is reported only makes that worse. First and foremost make sure you are listening carefully, then share what is important and relevant.

If you are aware of any good causes or ways to help that I have missed, please reblog and add them.

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1.What you're drinking.
2.Your mobile phone.
3.Television remote.
4.Your hands.
5.Your lips.
6.Your favorite possession.
7.Your favorite stuffed animal/toy.
8.Your face right now.
9.The shirt you're wearing.
10.What you're eating.
11.Your room.
12.Your T.V.
13.Something random.
14.Your ceiling.
15.Your eye.
16.Your computer.
17.Your favorite piece of jewelry.
18.Your favorite item of clothing.
19.Your favorite shoes.
20.Something important to you.
21.Something shiney.
22.Something red.
23.Something orange.
24.Something yellow.
25.Something green.
26.Something blue.
27.Something purple.
28.Something pink.
29.Something black.
30.Something rainbow.
31.Something that makes you smile.
32.Something that brings back a good memory.
33.Something that brings back a bad memory.
34.Something you've had since you were a child.
35.Something old.
36.Something new.
37.Something you think is cute.
38.Something funny.
39.Something cool.
40.Something weird that you own.
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Leslie Knope tries impressions and accents


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Anonymous said: i'm not into fat chicks but if i wasn't already seeing someone id still totally bang you



Even if I’m really thirsty, I’d rather not drink from the toilet.


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Anonymous said: I feel so useless sitting here. What can I do to help Ferguson??



there’s a bail and legal fund that’s been set up for those who’ve been arrested 

this person is trying to organize a food drive for school kids in ferguson

national moment of silence 2014 (for victims of police brutality) 

share the following: 

videos of what has happened

links to articles

how to make a tear gas mask

livestream link to the peaceful protests

Ferguson Police Department
Email (taken off the site) 

222 S. Florissant Road
Ferguson, MO 63135

Ph: 314-522-3100
Fx: 314-524-5290

Police department:

Jackson, Thomas Police Chief - (314) 524-5269 

Henke, Rick Captain - (314) 524-5272 

McBride, Dennis Captain - (314) 522-3100 

DeCarli, Dan Captain - (314) 522-3811 

Nabzdyk, Ray Lieutenant - (314) 524-5277

Zoll, Timothy Business Liaison Officer/ Neighborhood Watch - (314) 522-3100 (x.5533 or 5108)

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